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DJ HAS has teamed up with Ambient Venue Music. We like to provide a stress free service. This is why we provide so many services tailored to your special occasion.

One call is all you need. Please have a look at our services below:

LED light fixtures that are strategically placed throughout your venue used to enhance the walls, ceilings, points of interest such as a cake table etc. Ambient lighting takes your party to the next level by transforming your party using the colour of your choice to match your colour scheme.


Wedding post box

to keep envelopes

locked up and safe until collected

at the end of the evening

Traditional davul & Zurna/Violin is very popular with the bride and groom. We also offer Zaffa entrances which consists of multiple drummers and the flute or Violin 

Live Violin during drinks and having dinner will create an ambient and a touch of class during the day and evening 

Live singers and lots more performers on demand 

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