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Mixed marriages

Planning a wedding day can be quite the feat and planning a multicultural wedding celebration can feel even more overwhelming.

It is my speciality in pleasing both sides of the family and fulfilling expectations while showcasing my skills and expertise in making everyone feel involved, merging both cultures look extremely easy. Rest assured that you will get a perfect blend of music to cater both sides of the family.

davul zurna.jpg

The Davul Zurna (Zaffa) or Violin is the traditional part of a wedding entrance and indicates that the bride and groom are ready to make their grand wedding entrance. Also there is the option to have up to two drummers making it popular with many, Arab, Greek, Indian, Turkish and most ethnic cultures.

Traditional Wedding Entrance


A Kina party is one of the most important celebrations for the bride to be before their wedding especially when it comes to dancing.


Having Djed at so many Kina parties. I have developed a collection of well liked tracks to keep the ladies on the dancefloor the whole evening.  Ladies get ready to take your shoes off on the dancefloor!

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